Thursday, October 2, 2008

Habs beat up on Bruins

Last night's game wasn't televised but from what I read the Bruins couldn't skate with the Canadiens. As a Habs fan this is nothing new. Ever since I could remember, Montreal has always had Boston's number. It's something one just can't explain but, no matter who is playing, they seem to be a team we've have little trouble beating, especially when it counts.

It's got me thinking, what is a team that your club has historically had a lot of success with?

If there are any Devil's followers there's no need to reply. Habs just can't ever seem to be able to figure out Brodeur. It's like he has an aura about him which turns the Habs sticks into pieces of wet cardboard.

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Swivelhead said...

The Sabres have always dominated Toronto, but especially so since the Laffs moved to the Eastern Conference from the Campbell Conference. Buffalo also has Philly's number, especially in the Playoffs.

The team that I always think of giving the Sabres trouble is Pittsburgh, especially in Pittsburgh. Even when the Pens were bad, the Sabres couldn't beat them.