Monday, September 15, 2008

Radulov back to NHL?

So now the rumors are that Radulov wants to leave Russia and come back to play in the NHL. Just when you thought this situation could not get more ridiculous, it does. The link has some crazy Paul Kelly quotes about this circus. I would really have to think hard if I was Poile (Nashville GM) about taking Radulov back.



Ogie Oglethorpe said...

Love the comment someone made in that article:

"Jesus, Radulov, make up your mind already!" - Mats Sundin

So Radulov goes to the KHL, puts up 6 points in 5 games and realizes that the competition sucks and that he's better off in the NHL. He must really feel like an idiot. After what he has said, how does the NHL let him back in?

Jacques Strappe said...

The NHL will let him back, no question. It'll serve as a warning to other players that you may be enticed to play for the KHL but will ultimately come back begging to play in the best league in the world. The KHL, if it survives, will be a league where older former stars go to pasture.

Swivelhead said...

I think they will let him back, but don't you think this will hurt him at contract time?

Jacques Strappe said...

I honestly think think his next contract will be dictated more by his production than his loyalty. If he puts up the numbers there will be a GM out there who sends him an offer sheet - to which the Preds will have to decide if they want to match. Look for Radulov, if welcomed back, to have a good year.